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Saturday, 15 May 2010



Inspired by Alanna Nash’s book Golden Girl, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL features veteran Robert Redford capturing his first romantic lead in six years since HAVANA (that’s a long hiatus). Warren Justice (Redford) plays a seasoned TV reporter who takes the salty newcomer Tally Atwater (Michelle Pfeiffer) under his belt, eagerly to transform her from small-town rube to polished, “hotshot” anchorwoman in a few important lessons. Nevertheless they soon fall for each other.

The good old-fashioned romance winds up rather neatly, with both Redford and Pfeiffer sizzles as passionate lovers. The acting are exceptional, as Redford takes on his oft-familiar turf like a back of his hand (he remains as dashing as ever) and Pfeiffer is simply captivating as a green reporter who wanted to make it sky-high. 

Aided by several smart and tacky dialogue, it’s unfortunate that screenwriters Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne are less persuasive on its overall scale of the plot setting. The story often stall one after another, and it’s obviously too dependant on the leads to pack the necessary heat. (The cliffhanger climax, involving the long-winded melodramatic scenario of a prison riot turns up to be an obvious drag of time).

Ultimately disposable, this one also features Celine Dion’s unforgettable ballad hit “Because You Loved Me” which is nominated  an Oscar for Best Original Song. If only the movie is as passionate as the song itself…

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