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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

POV ROUNDUP: Top 10 Donnie Yen's Best Fighting Scenes!

With WU XIA currently showing in theaters, it's hard to believe that the martial-art superstar Donnie Yen is already 48 years old but he still packed a lot of punches. In addition to that, I have compiled some of his most impressive fight scenes he's ever committed during his span of almost three-decades old career in showbiz. Here are my Top 10 below:

This is the first time where two of among legendary Hong Kong martial-art superstar: Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen squared off against each other in an exciting duel.

One of Donnie Yen's most popular movies. The most memorable scene is of course, the amazing martial-art set piece atop the burning poles.

This is the movie that brought the then-unknown Donnie Yen into Hong Kong stardom in his memorable duel against Jet Li.

Donnie Yen might not be a lead star here, but his supporting presence made this exciting movie worth a price of admission alone. Need proof? Check out his intense duel with Cung Le in which they squared off against each other in the crowded marketplace before they engage in a stunning parkour scene.

The phenomenally popular martial-art movie that cemented Donnie Yen as the most sought-after action stars in Asian countries. His earnest portrayal as Master Ip Man was widely considered as his best performance yet, and his action sequences are just as exciting. The movie's most memorable scene in which he squared off against 10 Japanese martial-art students in a dojo became so popular it had subsequently being parodied into many movies ever since.

Check out his video here.

Donnie Yen's final duel with Sammo Hung is certainly a must-see. Who could have thought that the portly 59 years old Sammo Hung still fights like a tiger?

Check out his video here.

Here they go again: Donnie Yen vs. Sammo Hung. This time they squared off atop a round table in a battle of lightning-fast fisticuffs while avoiding from falling off the ground.

No doubt the marketing gimmick behind the highly-anticipated LEGEND OF THE FIST: THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN turned out to be a shocking disappointment. But the opening scene is a masterstroke of exhilarating action set piece. Here, Donnie Yen has again demonstrated his sheer agility in a parkour scene where he's out in the battlefield trying to take down a small group of German soldiers.

2. SPL (2005)

Donnie Yen's intense fight with Sammo Hung was one thing. But the movie was better known for his memorable baton vs. knife duel in the back alley against the quick-moving Wu Jing. It's certainly one hell of a breathtaking moment.

Check out his video here.

This is the movie where Donnie Yen pioneered a certain martial-art technique called "MMA" or better known as "Mixed Martial Art". This is best seen in the memorable mano-a-mano duel against Collin Chou where they fight off against each other while adapting different martial-art techniques.

Check out his video here.

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