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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review: THE SCENT 간통을 기다리는 남자 (2012)


At the first glance, Kim Hyung-Jun's THE SCENT is too hard to resist. It's an interesting mix of erotic thriller in the vein of BASIC INSTINCT with a dash of dramedy and slapstick undertones. That's not all, the movie is also notable for Park Si-Yeon's (2009's MARINE BOY) first controversial appearance in nude scenes. But upon watching this movie with high expectation, especially given all its hype, I was shocked to find out it's a huge disappointment. More on that later.

Kang Sun-Woo (Park Hee-Soon) is a police detective who moonlights as a private investigator specializing in adultery. He's very good on what he does, until the arrival of a beautiful new client named Kim Soo-Jin (Yoon Jae) changes everything. At the beginning, the job is supposed to be an easy task for Kang. All he needs to do is to take photo of her wealthy husband in the midst of having an affair with another woman in a motel. And so that night he rents a room opposite her husband's room, while waiting for Soo-Jin to arrive with her camera. But her arrival has unexpectedly turns into a different agenda, when both of them ends up drinking and shared a passionate kiss together.

Upon waking up in the middle of the night, Kang feels guilty of sleeping with his client but he gets an even bigger shock of his life when he discovers Soo-Jin is dead lying on the bed beside him, while her naked body is covered with blood. He quickly storms into the next room, where Soo-Jin's husband is located, and also shocked to discover that he also died on the bed. Meanwhile, the other woman Soo-Jin has been talking about, is hiding shell-shocked somewhere in the corner. When Kang asks for her name, he is surprised to find out that the woman is also called Kim Soo-Jin (Park Si-Yeon). Realizing both of them have become prime suspects, they forced to work together to clean up the mess before anybody else discovers the murder scene. With the help of Kang's mentally-challenged assistant, Poong (Lee Kwang-Soo), they buried the two bodies somewhere afar. As Kang is drawn for the murder case in order to find out the real killer, he also becomes too obsessed with Kim Soo-Jin, who often entices him with her irresistibly seductive scent in her body.

On paper, Hwang Sung-Goo's screenplay sounds like a lurid fun but the execution here is such a bloated mess. Kim Hyung-Jun's direction is terribly haphazard, who is uncomfortably shifted genre to genre from comedy, erotic, thriller, drama and vice versa, where everything falls flat. At nearly two-hour long, the movie is seriously tough to sit through. Frankly, Kim Hyung-Jun looks hopeless lost throughout the movie with too many unnecessarily long-winded scenes that sometimes take forever to end the certain point. Even his so-called homage to BASIC INSTINCT, is embarrassingly lackluster. Sure, there are plenty of racy scenes here and Kim Hyung-Jun certainly knows how to tease the viewers with all the sexual tensions. However, those who are expecting memorable sex scene involving Park Si-Yeon will be mostly disappointed.

Speaking of Park Si-Yeon, her femme fatale turn is irresistible, both clothed or nude. It's just too bad that her role is frequently undermined by the poor script. As Kang Sun-Woo, veteran actor Park Hee-Soon is fairly good at playing serious and comical role, while Lee Kwang-Soo gives a scene-stealing performance as the mentally-challenged Poong, who is quite amusing to watch for.

THE SCENT could have been a tour de force breakthrough, especially for Park Si-Yeon, but this movie is a huge waste of opportunity.

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