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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY (2012)


Oh, at long last! THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY has finally seen... the cold light of the day in the theaters. Shot in 2010, and shelved until its vague theatrical release in 2012, this action thriller is supposed to be director Mabrouk El Mechri's big break into Hollywood who previously known for his mockumentary drama on fading action star Jean-Claude Van Damme in JCVD (2008). Despite a would-be interesting cast of Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, this typical action thriller is awfully generic and equally lackluster.

Young business consultant Will Shaw (Cavill) has just arrived from San Francisco to Alicante, Spain, for a vacation on his family's sailboat. What is supposed to be a relaxing vacation turns instantly sour when he has a tough time communicating with his hardened dad, Martin (Bruce Willis). His situation grows worse when he finds out his company is facing bankruptcy and becomes very upset.

The following day, when they set their sailboat across the ocean, Will accidentally hurts his younger brother, Josh's (Rafi Gavron) girlfriend, Dara (Emma Hamilton). He requested some cash from his mother, Laurie (Caroline Goodall) and volunteers to swim ashore to buy some medication for Dara. But shortly he's done, he returns to find his family disappeared. Even though he subsequently manages to find their sailboat, there are nobody in sight and he quickly makes police report about his missing family.

Things get even worse when he learns that his family will be executed within 24 hours if a missing briefcase is not delivered to their kidnappers. That's not all, Will also discovers that Martin appears out of nowhere and subsequently explains to him that his actual job turns out to be a CIA agent who has something to do with the missing briefcase. As they head over to Madrid where Martin is supposed to meet his boss, Carrack (Sigourney Weaver) about the missing briefcase. However, things doesn't go well when Martin ends up being assassinated by her right-hand man Gorman (Joseph Mawle).

Armed with only his father's gun, Will goes on the run when he's wanted by local law enforcement for the killing of a cop he didn't commit. While Carrack and Gorman keep tracking him down, Will subsequently hooked up with a feisty girl named Lucia (Veronica Echegui) who is somehow involved with his father. Together they cooperate each other to connect the dots and turn the tables against their tormentors.

It's a shame that Scott Wiper and John Petro's screenplay is as pedestrian as it goes. Lucas Vidal's music score is also generic, while Mabrouk El Mechri's direction is so-so at best.

Cast-wise, Henry Cavill does an okay job playing a desperate everyman caught in the crossfire. But try as hard as he might, there are this nagging feeling that his beefed-up appearance is a little unconvincing. Despite his name being heavily promoted in the movie poster, Bruce Willis's role is actually nothing more than a glorified cameo. In fact, he doesn't do much here other than sleepwalks throughout his role. Sigourney Weaver, in the meantime, manages to bring some gravitas to her villainous role as Carrack who does thing in a cool manner.

Action are more than enough to keep the viewers occupied, even though there are no memorable set-piece worth mentioning for.

Despite all the hiccups, THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY remains a fairly adequate time-waster.

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