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Saturday, 27 October 2012



When the first SILENT HILL debuted in theaters six years ago, there were tons of anticipations but the movie received lukewarm response and tanked at the box office. Six years later, the SILENT HILL movie is back for second time in an attempt to resurrect the failed franchise. The good news is, SILENT HILL: REVELATION is thankfully shorter than the first entry (94 minutes vs. 127 minutes) and it's considerably more fun. But the bad news is, this long-awaited sequel is noticeably lack of scare and above all, gore, that doesn't really justify its R-rating.

The plot follows 17-year-old Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Harry (Sean Bean), who have been changing identities and moving from town to town ever since his wife and her adopted mother, Rosa (Radha Mitchell, in a cameo appearance), rescued the now-grown child from the creepy Silent Hill but remained trapped there herself. Despite trying to move on with a new life, Heather is constantly plagued with terrifying nightmares that invade her waking hours. Her situation gets worse when her father is captured and a note to come to Silent Hill is found written on the wall in blood.

In an attempt to rescue her father, Heather and fellow new kid in town Vincent (Kit Harington) set out for the long-forgotten town of Silent Hill. En route, she gradually learns the true identity of Vincent as well as encountering Heather's evil doppelganger named Alessa (Erin Pitt), a cult called the Order of Valtiel, and a powerful medallion called the Seal of Metatron.

Replacing original director Christophe Gans is Michael J. Bassett, best known for his directing effort in 2009's SOLOMON KANE. He earns credit for retaining the same eerie atmosphere that characterized the first entry, and knows how to craft some spine-tingling imagery, even though most of them are lacked of imagination. Best of all, he keeps the pace fairly brisk enough to inject some entertainment value that sorely missed in the first entry. Speaking of entertainment values, two particular thrilling scenes worth mentioning here: A cat-and-mouse chase between Heather and a spider-like monster whose many limbs and faces are all assembled from mannequin parts; and a suspenseful moment where Heather tries to rescue Vincent in a surgery room filled with scalpel-wielding nurses. Elsewhere, Aussie thespian Adelaide Clemens (a dead ringer to Michelle Williams) does a remarkably fine job as the tormented teenager.

Despite all the slight improvements that elevated in this sequel, it's a shame that Bassett doesn't really knows how to deliver real scares. The gore level is surprisingly kept to a bare minimum, while the two climactic finale are disappointingly routine and dare I say -- laughable. And aside from Clemens' credible performance, the rest of the actors are largely wasted here.

SILENT HILL: REVELATION is a hodgepodge of a horror movie that doesn't really blend well against each other. True, it has its few moments but for a sequel that fans have been waiting for six years, they definitely deserve better than this lackluster entry.

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