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Wednesday, 19 December 2012



In conjunction with Jackie Chan's upcoming "last big action movie", CHINESE ZODIAC (a.k.a. CZ12) which opens this Thursday, here's my review of his second "Asian Hawk" trilogy called ARMOUR OF GOD II: OPERATION CONDOR.

Jackie (Jackie Chan), who is also known as the "Asian Hawk", is enlisted to retrieve a fortune in Nazi gold that was hidden somewhere in the Sahara desert during the World War II. He agrees for the mission, and soon he joins forces with Ada (Carol Cheng), a map expert, Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia) and later Monoko (Shoko Ikeda), who has a pet scorpion named Ding Ding. En route, they face a series of mishaps as they fight for survival against all odds. When they finally found the buried bunker underneath the Sahara desert, they must figure out the way to open the bunker which already rigged with booby traps. Not only that, they also forced to confront a group of Arab terrorists, led by a wheelchair-bound ex-Nazi named Adolf (Alfred Brel Sanchez). Apparently, Adolf was responsible for Elsa's grandfather's death back in World War II, which has to do with the Nazi gold.

REVIEW: Cost at a whopping HK$115 million budget to make, ARMOUR OF GOD II: OPERATION CONDOR was the most expensive Hong Kong movie ever made up to that time. Not only that, this big-budget sequel to the 1986 box-office hit actually took an incredible two years' time of production to complete the movie. But for all the hard effort that has been put into this movie, it's no doubt one of Jackie Chan's most entertaining action comedies ever made in his career and above all, it's an improvement over the incoherent original.

Like ARMOUR OF GOD, the plot is another stripped-down INDIANA JONES-rip off and it's heavily uneven as well. But still, the action and slapstick set piece are marginally engaging enough to satisfy die-hard fans and viewers alike. Director Jackie Chan has certainly made a good use of the huge budget to produce some of his best stunt work ever coordinated. That includes the opening scene which features his daring escapin a giant, inflatable sphere rolling and bouncing down the hill; a spectacular motorcycle chase through the crowded city and the pier; and the memorable yet hilarious fight scene in a wind tunnel that would make Buster Keaton happy.

As for the comedy side, they are quite hilarious, especially in an elaborate slapstick scene involving several mishaps between Jackie, Ada, Elsa and two (foolish) Arab grave robbers tries to outwit each other at an exotic hotel.

Jackie Chan's expensive sequel to the incoherent ARMOUR OF GOD still suffers from a haphazard plot but manages to overcome most of its flaws with spectacular action scenes and worthwhile slapstick moments.

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