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Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2012!

From my Top 10 Best Movies of 2012, here comes my Top 10 Worst Movies of 2012:


With a lavish budget of $250 million, JOHN CARTER looks set to be one of the most spectacular sci-fi epics of the year. Why not, since this movie is directed by Andrew Stanton (in his first live-action feature after directing three Pixar's animated classics, A BUG'S LIFE, FINDING NEMO and WALL-E). I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot. The story is heavy-handed, the fantastical sci-fi element feels seriously deja vu, the action is lackluster and worst of all, Taylor Kitsch is totally bland to make him iconic enough as the titular character.


The marketing people does a great job convinced me that I'm on a rollercoaster ride of a muscular, yet refreshingly low-tech crime thriller with Tom Cruise playing bad-ass character! But it turns out to be that JACK REACHER is nothing than a clunky, wannabe thriller tries so hard to be cool and serious. Tom Cruise is fatally miscast here, while Christopher McQuarrie's direction is terribly haphazard. Frankly, the whole movie is so draggy I almost dozed off a couple of times.

8. TAKEN 2

The sequel that shouldn't be existed at the first place. But yet, TAKEN 2 managed to make a lot of money at the box office. But whatever it is, this sequel is an absolutely lazy rehash from the first movie. The action is badly framed with annoying shaky-cam, coupled with haphazard editing all over the place. Liam Neeson looks tired here, and director Olivier Megaton made this sequel so awfully generic and bland it should have been belong in a direct-to-video market instead.


Despite this would-be shocker is produced by none others than Sam Raimi, THE POSSESSION is a shockingly dull horror picture all around. Ole Bornedal's direction is terribly pedestrian, while all the scary parts are always abruptly cut off in favor for the next scene. Just about everything here is dreadfully formulaic.


An old-fashioned martial-art genre with a steampunk twist? Why not? Once in a while, it's good to see an oft-seen genre is given a new lease of life. But for all the fancy bag of tricks actor-director Stephen Fung tries so hard to pull off here, TAI CHI ZERO is surprisingly uninvolving. The story is a bloated mess and the pace is awfully sluggish to get to the point. Newcomer Jayden Yuan is terribly wooden as the lead role.


What can I say? It's the same old mistake Stephen Fung has made in TAI CHI ZERO. Sure, this sequel is considerably restrained in term of its visual excesses but it's still a painfully boring picture that tries too hard to be hip, funny and entertaining altogether.


Steven Spielberg's passion project is certainly greeted with such universal acclaim amongst critics and it's surprisingly a box office success in US so far. Daniel Day-Lewis is a spot-on as the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln but his acting performance is hampered by terribly clunky script. Spielberg has certainly made a big mistake for stripping his would-be remarkable epic to a bare-bone of a stage-like production. And he is definitely out of his element here. LINCOLN is too talky for its own good, and its enormous 150 minutes is really tough to sit through. (Full review coming soon!)


This wannabe thriller has Nick Cheung and Simon Yam, but director Roy Chow has wasted their talents with his terribly dull movie filled with absurd plot, snail pace, and lots of talky expositions. And that climactic third-act... you just have to see it for yourself how Roy Chow ends his movie in such a convoluted manner.


An oft-told Snow White fairy tale gets a revisionist makeover, and that is something interesting I really looked forward to. But after watching the movie, imagine how disappointed I am to find out that SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN is such a complete disaster. First-time feature director Rupert Sanders has no sense of pacing and everything here looks lifeless. All the cast are seriously undermined, and it's really hard to swallow that the always-glum Kristen Stewart plays the "fairer" kind.


Oh, here goes... COSMOPOLIS! It's hard to believe that David Cronenberg can do so much worse in his directing career. He's clearly out of his element here directing this weird, but painfully boring movie that relies a lot of dialogue rather than his usual captivating visual flair. He looks hopelessly lost trying to make a talky movie (just like he did before in A DANGEROUS METHOD). Robert Pattinson is seriously dull in the lead role here, and so do everyone else involved here. This is a monumental waste of time.

OTHER HONORABLE MENTIONS (in non-particular orders):

1. KILLING THEM SOFTLY (A wannabe pulpy, hard-ass thriller that is well-acted but shockingly mundane effort.)

2. SINISTER (It's supposed to be a good horror movie, given the fact it mixes classic haunted-house spookfest with found-footage genre. But SINISTER is so patchy and redundant. And that ending... what a cop-out!)

3. SOAR INTO THE SUN (South Korea's answer to TOP GUN, but it doesn't soar. It's a huge letdown especially with all the silly, yet draggy plot that goes nowhere. And there's Rain -- all cocky but unremarkable performance.)

4. SILENT HILL: REVELATION (Lack of scare and the gore level is surprisingly kept to the minimum. Better stick to the video game instead.)

5. HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET (Dreadful, boring and draggy, this PSYCHO-like wannabe is a total waste of time.)

6. RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (The first 15 minutes is entertaining, but director Paul W.S. Anderson follows the subsequent sequence with half-realized ideas and the same old visual gimmicks we have seen many times before. It feels awfully formulaic and all the acting are as wooden as ever.)

7. THE SCENT (This would-be erotic thriller is heavily marketed in South Korea, which is particularly notable for Park Si-Yeon's first controversial appearance in nude scenes. But the movie itself is a total disappointment -- it's dreadfully overlong and not nearly as sexy as I thought after all.)

8. THE FOUR (A classic martial-art movie combined with wuxia genre and superheroes genre! Now that's what I called good creativity. But director Gordon Chan totally botches the would-be interesting premise with his haphazard execution and typically inconsistent direction.)

9. DARK SHADOWS (Tim Burton and Johnny Depp -- what could go wrong? Well, they actually did a creative misfire in 2010's ALICE IN WONDERLAND (even though it's a huge box office hit) and they did it again in DARK SHADOWS. Crammed with too many unnecessary fillers, this patchy gothic melodrama only manages to live up at the climactic third-act. And we all know Tim Burton can do better than that.)

10. THIS MEANS WAR (An action comedy in the vein of TRUE LIES and MR. & MRS. SMITH! It supposed to be fun and entertaining. It has Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon, for god's sake! But director McG botches everything up with his overcooked direction. All the humor are misjudged with childish gags, while the action (always a forte for McG) is shockingly edited with too many close-ups and rapid-fire editing.)

11. HAYWIRE (It has former MMA fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano taking center stage. It is blessed with clean-cut fight choreography where you can see what's going on during the action scene. But director Steven Soderbergh tries so hard to be different and what we get here is an unbelievably boring action picture with needlessly convoluted script.)

12. ACT OF VALOR (Casting actual Navy SEALs as lead roles in this movie is certainly a fantastic marketing gimmick. And that's just about it -- gimmick. The movie itself is poorly executed with flimsy script and wooden acting all around.)

13. DUE WEST: OUR SEX JOURNEY (It's a surprise hit in Hong Kong but who cares anyway? This Hong Kong's answer to AMERICAN PIE is painfully tedious and dreadfully overlong. Even the copious amount of nudity and sex hardly helps either.) (Full review coming soon!)

14. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 (It's the final movie of the lucrative TWILIGHT SAGA series. And it's supposed to be something of an epic but director Bill Condon only manages a fraction of it. The all-hell-breaks-loose finale is easily the best sequence of all the tedious going-on in this movie, but the twist afterwards... it's really breaks my heart watching it.)

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