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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review: SPIDERS (2013)

Review: SPIDERS (2013)
A would-be entertaining B-grade sci-fi/monster genre that crosses between TARANTULA (1955) and MIMIC (1997), but ends up more like a snoozefest.



SPIDERS opens with bits and pieces of an old Soviet space station falls to Earth and crashes down into the New York city subway like a meteor shower. When one of the staff members from the New York City Transit Police is found dead, one of the supervisors, Jason (Patrick Muldoon) hurries down to the subway to find out the truth. He subsequently discovers from the autopsy report, that his staff member's death is caused by a bug bite. And that bug turns out to be one of the genetically engineered spiders, which are supposed to be part of a top-secret Russian experiment. Now, the U.S. military force, lead by Colonel Jenkins (William Hope), wants to harvest them for weaponry.

But in order to shield the truth from the public, Colonel Jenkins have the whole affected area immediately evacuated and declares that there is some sort of a new virus spreading around. Meanwhile, the spiders in the subway begin to mutate and multiply all over the place. Jason, who already have a rough day dealing with an unusual situation at the subway as well as going through a divorce with his estranged wife Rachel (Christa Campbell), is forced to step up when his precious daughter Emily (Sydney Sweeney) is in danger.


Always suffer from poor sleep? Watch SPIDERS.


Read above ("The Good Stuff").


LOADS OF THEM! Genre veteran Tibor Takacs does the impossible for botching such a potential premise with his flat-footed direction. I appreciate the fact that Takacs sets the first half of the movie in a deliberate pace so he can find sufficient time to tell a story and explore his main characters. However, the story is awfully pedestrian while the acting is all badly acted.

Patrick Muldoon gives an unenthusiastic and wooden performance as Jason. Christa Campbell fares even worse as Rachel, who often act with blank expressions

Even by the time, the second half starts to feature plenty of action involving spiders, they remain terribly uninspired. The so-called suspense and tension are almost non-existent, while Joseph Conlan's score is seriously misguided. As for the special effect, those mutated spiders are quite reasonable to look at, especially given its limited budget. But too bad the spiders are given ZERO personalities.


A cheesy B-grade movie can be fun if done right, but sadly, SPIDERS is not one of them.

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