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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review: VEHICLE 19 (2013)

How come I'm not allow to pair with Vin Diesel in this movie?!
A low budget indie thriller with an interesting concept, but VEHICLE 19 suffers from sluggish pace and short of adrenaline rush.

The first thing that attracted me to watch this low-budget indie thriller called VEHICLE 19 is its irresistible concept -- the movie is shot entirely from inside the car. Now that's what I called a great novelty. However, South African director Mukunda Michael Dewil fails to capitalize his own concept. Instead of a fast-paced thriller normally expected from this kind of movie, VEHICLE 19 sputters as it moves along.


Michael Woods (Paul Walker) is an American who has broken his parole to fly to South Africa, in an attempt to make things right with his girlfriend Angelica (Leyla Haidarian). He rents a car which marked as "Vehicle 19", and begins his journey. En route to meet Angelica, he discovers a gun in the glove compartment and a South African woman named Rachel (Naima McLean) who is locked inside the trunk space. Rachel turns out to be a prosecutor who is being kidnapped for gathering evidence against the local chief of police linking him to conspiracy and sex trafficking.

Somewhere in between, director Mukunda Michael Dewil manages to stage some claustrophobic moments and worthy action scenes within the confined space of a car (and limited budget). Paul Walker is fairly adequate to put on a (mostly) one-man show as a brooding and manic anti-hero.

It's a shame that Mukunda Michael Dewil's script is lackluster. More than often, the movie loses its momentum whenever it tries to elaborate the storyline. The pace is patchy, while the movie's overly-stylized look is too distracting for its own good.


Stop comparing me with FAST AND FURIOUS!

Overall, VEHICLE 19 only works in certain angles. The rest of them are as rusty as a beat-up engine.

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