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Friday, 5 July 2013

Review: DESPICABLE ME 2 (2013)

DESPICABLE ME 2 is reasonably fun and entertaining, but lacks the heart and soul of its predecessor.

Back in 2010, DESPICABLE ME took the box office by storm and had unexpectedly made the supporting characters in the form of unruly yellow creatures called Minions so famous until the children, in particular, couldn't get enough of them. Well, the good news is, returning directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud acknowledged what their fans really want and wise enough to expand the roles of the Minions into considerable length for the sequel. The result is fun enough to keep the fans occupied with plenty of worthwhile laughs, except this time the story is somewhat lackluster.


In this sequel, former supervillain Gru (voice of Steve Carell) has retired from his notorious criminal activities and spends his quality time as a single adoptive father of three precocious girls -- Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher). He has also gone legitimate by aiming to produce a new line of jams and jellies in the underground lair with the help of his Minions. Meanwhile, Gru's longtime employee Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) is finally calling it a quit because he misses his old life as a criminal and chooses to depart for other evil job. Then one day Gru is approached by the Anti-Villain League agent named Lucy (Kristen Wiig) to help the organization to capture a mysterious villain who just stole a top-secret experimental serum called PX 41, which is capable to transform harmless animals into hideous monsters. The Anti-Villain League believes that one of the villains are hiding in disguise by posing as a small-time business owner at a local mall. In order to lure the villain out, Gru disguises as a cupcake shop owner with the aid of Lucy as his assistant. When a fat Mexican cantina owner named Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt) comes visit his shop to order cupcakes, Gru immediately recognizes him as the missing supervillain called El Macho once thought to be dead at a volcano explosion and believes El Macho must be the one behind the criminal mastermind.

Clocking at 98 minutes, the pace moves at a rapid clip with the help of Pierre Coffin's and Chris Renaud's zippy directions. As for the voice talents, Steve Carell is energetic as the Russian-accented Gru, while Kristen Wiig is charming as Lucy. In fact, both of them shared a fairly wonderful chemistry together. As the adorable and oh-so-cute Agnes, Elsie Fisher is as delightful as ever while Benjamin Bratt is quite fun as Eduardo/El Macho (a role which supposed to be played by Al Pacino). And of course, there's the Minions because they basically provide most of the laughs throughout the movie. Not to forget also is Pharrell Williams' funky theme

Basically just about anything involved the various hijinks of the Minions!

It's quite a shame that the story, written by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul, are relegated into lazy writing. Unlike the heartwarming predecessor which actually takes its time to tell an engaging story, the plot in DESPICABLE ME 2 is all about cramming in as many slapstick gags (mostly involved Minions) as they can. Don't get me wrong, the Minions part is often hilarious but the overall movie does feel like a series of vignettes slapped together into a feature-length version. Even the main story about Eduardo/El Macho feels more like an afterthought.
When I said I wanna be bald like you, you never ever say "no" to me, okay?

DESPICABLE ME 2 may have been an inferior sequel if to compare with the original movie, but at least this sequel remains worthwhile enough for the masses to check this out in the cinemas. By the way, do stick around during the credits because there's a few scenes involving three Minions performing an audition.

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