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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review: KL GANGSTER 2 (2013)

While KL GANGSTER 2 delivers some of the best and most visceral fight sequences ever seen in a local movie, the plot still plays out like a parody of the gangster genre.

In 2011, writer-director Syamsul Yusof hits jackpot with KL GANGSTER which went on becoming the highest-grossing local movie ever made at the box office. Two years later, Yusof returns with the highly-anticipated KL GANGSTER 2 but not without a share of controversy when the sequel ends up being leaked illegally on the internet before it was even premiered in the cinema. Controversy aside, I have to admit that KL GANGSTER 2 exceeds my expectation with its jaw-dropping fight scenes that convinced me to watch it in the cinema.

In this prequel, older brother Malek (Aaron Aziz) is forced to join one of the gangster groups, lead by his old friend King (Ridzuan Hashim) especially after his poor mother (Ku Faridah) has been diagnosed with cancer and he needs a lot of money within a short period of time to pay for the surgical operation. Complicating matters is Malek's younger brother, Jai (Adi Putra), who gets himself deeply involved with the gangsters for the sake of fame and fortune. Apart from these two estranged brothers' ongoing conflicts against each other, they later find themselves caught in the middle of turf war between two gangs -- King and his rival gang leader, Tailong (Rosyam Nor).
As a director, Syamsul Yusof has definitely improved a lot since his first KL GANGSTER. The fight scenes are much more brutal, intense and better choreographed this time around. Trust me, watching them fight is like watching a HK gritty action movie starring either Donnie Yen or Jackie Chan. Kudos also goes to Yusof and his cinematographer Omar Ismail for minimizing the unnecessarily shaky cam that plagued the first movie, which in turn, allowing the viewers to enjoy the fight scenes more clearly.

As expected, the returning cast is committed enough with their intense performances while veteran actor Rosyam Nor steals the limelight as the ruthless, drug-sniffing rival gang leader Tailong.

The intense shootout at the cargo dock; the highway chase scene; and the extended three-way fight scene between Malek, Jai and Tailong at the warehouse -- all in one explosive finale!

Like the first KL GANGSTER, the plot still retains the same style where (every) characters speak Malay languages in Cantonese dialect, which I admit till now, feels ludicrous to take it seriously. And as much as comic relief is sometimes needed to offset the violent nature of the movie, I still found that Zizan Razak's goofy character as Fadil is as annoying as ever.

While the plot still needs a lot of improvement, KL GANGSTER 2 remains a must-see for every action-movie fans.

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