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Monday, 9 December 2013

Review: HOMEFRONT (2013)

Despite the involvement of Statham, Franco and Stallone, HOMEFRONT is disappointingly bland and uninspired action drama.

Originally envisioned as the final chapter of the RAMBO series (that would be fifth installment, to be exact), actor-writer Sylvester Stallone ended up abandoned his project and passed it over to Jason Statham instead (Stallone retained his credits as producer and writer). The result is HOMEFRONT, a would-be good old-fashioned '80s and '90s-style action drama. However, the movie is surprisingly dull that fails to fulfill the usual genre requirements.

At the beginning of the story, undercover DEA agent Phil Broker (Jason Statham) has successfully busted a meth ring that ends with the son of the gang leader, Danny T. (Chuck Zito) gets gunned down by the police. Two years later, Broker quits his job after his wife's death and decides to settle down at the remote Louisiana hometown with their 9-year-old daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic). Just as Broker and his daughter trying to live a normal life, it doesn't take long before they get involved with a local meth dealer Gator (James Franco) and his family.
Likewise, it's always fun to watch the no-nonsense Jason Statham single-handedly takes down a couple of bad guys. However, all of his fight scenes are...
... badly ruined by shaky camera works. The action are brutal, alright but what's the point if they are reduced to rapid edits and whip pans? Not even the involvement of seasoned director Gary Fleder (KISS THE GIRLS, RUNAWAY JURY) can save this movie. Instead, his direction is lazy and pedestrian. The rest of the supposedly inspired cast, including James Franco, Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder, fail to deliver satisfying performances. Franco is particularly wasted here, who looks bored most of the time. Stallone's script, in the meantime, feels as if it was written for a direct-to-DVD feature.

HOMEFRONT is a major disappointment, and certainly one of the worst action movies of the year.

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