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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Eulogy Writing Competition Closing Ceremony

Three proud winners for the Eulogy Writing Competition:
Jassie Looi, Kum Peng Han and Lisa Yeo

Kuala Lumpur, 10 January 2014: A recent attempt to crowdsource for ideas has surprised the founders of Asia's first online obituary website, with strong participation in its Eulogy Writing Competition.

Mr. Kevin Leow, Director of

"In conjunction with and to promote Filial Piety among college youths and also to promote English writing in colleges, we came up with the idea for an eulogy-writing competition and we were pleasantly surprised," said founders Kevin Leow and Jason Cheong.

"We thought the response would be poor as we felt that the younger generation of Malaysians are generally out of touch of values such as filial piety, but we are glad to be wrong," said Leow.

The winners are Jassie Looi, Kum Peng Han and Lisa Yeo.

Were selected based on criteria such as:

1. Title: Appreciating our ancestors and loved ones
2. Theme: Cherished moments
3. Elements in Eulogy: Memorial, Beautiful memories, Treasured moments, Honouring, Legacy and Tributes.

They won RM2,000.00, RM1,500.00 and RM800.00 respectively.

"We are very pleased to see many wanting to write about their ancestors using the above guide and the stories were indeed very inspirational and truly touched". 

CEO of Akademi Belia, Mr. Rahman Hussien

About is Asia's first internet-based portal that provides a place to create Obituary, Memorials, Pet memorials and sending messages through emails and mobile phone. This portal provides a specific site that is interactive for posting information and also acts as a notification service for direct and personal invitation to relatives and friends on information such as the location of the funeral wake service, memorial services, religious prayer times, cremation and burial information.

Many times we have forgotten our distant relatives and friends that we have not met for many years. It's during the funeral wake services is where we see them again and keep the connected again. However, there are times we have even forgotten to notify them due to the stress, emotional and grieving state of mind that we are in, during the loss of a loved one.

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