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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


It's far from the best in the GOLDEN CHICKEN series, but a satisfying effort nonetheless.

It has been a decade since we last seen Sandra Ng portrayed her famous prostitute role as Kam in 2002's GOLDEN CHICKEN and 2003's GOLDEN CHICKEN 2. Finally, she's back for the third round in this highly-anticipated Chinese New Year comedy which creatively titled as GOLDEN CHICKENSSS.

In this third GOLDEN CHICKEN movie, Kam (Sandra Ng) is now a "mama-san", who offers high-end prostitutes (among them are Ivana Wong and Michelle Chen) to entertain wealthy clients (including Chapman To, Chin Ka-Lok and Lo Hoi-Pang) for various private functions. Despite her successful career, her personal life says otherwise. Kam used to fall in love with a mob boss named Gordon (Nick Cheung), but he ended up in jail in 1997. When Gordon is finally released after decades of imprisonment, he struggles to adapt with the new Hong Kong society. The only person who can help him cope with the situation is his old flame, Kam.
At the beginning of the movie, director Matt Chow (co-writer for the first GOLDEN CHICKEN and replaced the first two GOLDEN CHICKEN original director Samson Chiu) shows plenty of nuances with the elaborate prologue that tells a brief history of the evolution of sex in the amusing way possible. Apart from that comedy segment, Chow also proves to be adept at handling dramatic flair. The particular one, of course, involves Gordon's old-fashioned mentality who ends up struggling to adapt the 21st-century lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Speaking of Gordon, Nick Cheung is unbelievably the scene stealer here. Fortunately, that doesn't mean Sandra Ng is wasted here. In fact, she shines with her typically robust performance during the first half of the movie. Singer-songwriter Ivana Wong delivers a breakthrough performance as the cheerful Mainland prostitute, Wu Lu.

The brief scene where Wu Lu and a male escort played by Ronald Cheng, stumbles upon each other and reveals her true self that she's only acting like a fool for the sake to earn a living, is simply poignant.

Matt Chow's screenplay is sadly uneven. Some of the gags are either lacklustre or fails to work well to its own advantage (the particular whole scene involves the bizarre nature of the Japanese sex industry feels lame).

However, the biggest problem of all is the movie's sudden change-of-pace midway when Chow's screenplay suddenly shifts focus to Gordon altogether, while leaving Kam on the sideline. It's like almost watching a spin-off of another character than a GOLDEN CHICKEN movie.

Although GOLDEN CHICKENSSS is far from the best in the GOLDEN CHICKEN series, this third entry remains a worthwhile effort. For the die-hard fans of GOLDEN CHICKEN series, remember not to exit the cinema when the credit rolls -- there's a brief scene featuring a superstar cameo appearance.

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Looks interesting. Like the 1st 2 movies.