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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review: HELLO BABIES 六福喜事 (2014)

Review: HELLO BABIES 六福喜事 (2014)
Despite the combination of Raymond Wong and Eric Tsang, HELLO BABIES is decent but more of the same Chinese New Year comedy.

If my memory serves me well, the rivalry between Hong Kong's screen legends Raymond Wong and Eric Tsang in a long "battle" for Chinese New Year comedies begins in 2010 -- starting with Raymond Wong's ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 against Eric Tsang's 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY. Last year, they rivaled against each other with HOTEL DELUXE and I LOVE HONG KONG 2013. However, 2014 marks a significant change for both of them as Raymond Wong and Eric Tsang choose to collaborate together in a baby-themed Chinese New Year comedy called HELLO BABIES.

HELLO BABIES revolves around the rivalry between wealthy Malaysian businessman Lui Ming (Raymond Wong) and Wing Chun practitioner Yeung Wai (Eric Tsang), who always fight for everything. When Lui finds out that Yeung is going to have a grandson from his son Alex (Alex Lam) and daughter-in-law Shan (Karena Ng), Lui immediately takes action by forcing his grandnephew couple Scallop (Ronald Cheng) and Cher (Fiona Sit) to produce a baby as soon as possible or he will cut off all their financial expenses. Lui also hires a "superstar" midwife Gong San (Sandra Ng) to help Scallop and Cher for the whole baby-making process.

There are a couple of amusing moments throughout the movie (among them are the two elaborate role-playing sequences in the hospital), while the acting ensemble does quite a decent job with their playful performances (especially Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit and Sandra Ng).
The brief but hilarious sequence involving Scallop, Cher and a yoga instructor (Jan Lamb) performing a series of suggestive sex-like yoga exercises.
As with most Vincent Kok-directed comedies these days, his direction is pretty much formulaic. Not surprisingly, most of the jokes feel tired and repetitive. And despite playful performances from some of the actors here, they tend to go overboard or tries too hard to be funny.

Although HELLO BABIES fails to bring anything fresh to this formulaic genre, the movie remains a fairly worthwhile entry as a typical Chinese New Year comedy.

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