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Friday, 25 April 2014

Review: THE OTHER WOMAN (2014)

The winning combo between Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann elevate this otherwise cliched and uneven revenge comedy into a worthwhile entertainment.

When I first saw the trailer for THE OTHER WOMAN, I figured it was just another instantly forgettable cliched-ridden comedy. But upon finally watching the movie, it turns out to be a fairly satisfying experience after all. Of course, none of them would have work if not for Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. More on that later.

When New York attorney Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) tries to surprise her handsome boyfriend, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), by visiting his home at Connecticut one night in a sexy plumber getup, she is shocked to discover that Mark actually has a wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). After the awkward encounter, Carly decided to forget about Mark and move on. But not so for Kate, who shows up at Carly's office to clear the matter. Soon the two women become unlikely friends and both of them decided to spy on him. Then one day, while tailing Mark, they discover he has another mistress by the name of Amber (Kate Upton). It doesn't take long before Amber learns the truth about Mark's cheating behavior and all three of them agree to work together to plot revenge against Mark.

Nick Cassavetes' direction has its worthwhile moments, especially the way he displays some of the comedy and emotional sides of the movie. Melissa Stack's feature-debut screenplay, in the meantime, manages to show some promises in her premise as well as her focal point involving female empowerment.

No strangers to romantic comedies, both Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have no problem displaying their bubbly sides that make their characters so much fun to watch for. Nevertheless, they share amazing rapport together but individually, it was Mann who shines the most. She's particularly good when she shows the neurotic side of her role, while manage to bring a wonderful balance between a comic relief and an engaging character who make us sympathize for her hardship throughout the movie. Model-turned-actress Kate Upton looks great in her first major role -- appearance, that is -- especially in the scene where she gets to show off her sexy body in a white bikini. As the cheating husband Mark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau certainly has the look and mannerism to tackle this kind of role. And as for the rest, rapper Nicki Minaj is adequate enough as Carly's cheeky assistant while Don Johnson has his moments in his brief role as Carly's frequently-divorced father.

Any scenes involving Carly and Kate. Particularly Kate, of course.

Even though the movie is reasonably clocked at 109 minutes, it still feels unnecessarily bloated. The biggest problem here is the slack pacing that takes too much time to set up the revenge plot which supposed to be the movie's main focus, especially when Amber is only introduced nearly an hour late. Some of the jokes in the movie are pretty trite, such as the laxative scene while the climactic finale where the three women finally encounter Mark face-to-face ends up in a disappointingly juvenile manner.

If not for the sheer effort that Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann has dedicated themselves into the movie, THE OTHER WOMAN would have been nothing more than just a wannabe comedy. It's not that the movie is great by any means, but it's good enough as a decent entertainment.

* This review is written courtesy from 20th Century Fox Malaysia press screening *

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