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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Retrospective: The Evolution Of Batman's Costumes

After director Zack Snyder has finally unveiled the first official image of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman alongside his new Batmobile for the yet-untitled MAN OF STEEL sequel from his Twitter account, the response from the fans worldwide are naturally mixed. Personally, I kinda like the new Batsuit which evokes the brooding style of Frank Miller's Batman comics.

With the new Batman costume already revealed, let's take a look back at five different actors who have donned the Batsuit on the big screen over the decades beginning with Michael Keaton in 1989's BATMAN.

BATMAN (1989)

Eschewing the cheesy B-grade look of Adam West's TV series of Batman, Tim Burton has ushered a then-new era of Batman appearance where the costume was appropriately dark and brooding emblazoned with the iconic Batman black-and-yellow symbol. It has since became one of the most iconic Batsuits worn by Michael Keaton during that era.


In this highly-anticipated sequel to 1989's BATMAN, there were little changes to be made for Michael Keaton's Batsuit. It's still a great costume anyway, even though I had to admit it was the skintight leather suit of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman appearance that amazes me the most as the sequel's scene stealer.


Unlike the mix of bright and dark tone of the Batsuit worn by Michael Keaton in the first two BATMAN movies, director Joel Schumacher -- who replaced Tim Burton -- favoured a toned-down look of the new Batsuit worn by Val Kilmer in BATMAN FOREVER. The costume looked okay to me and frankly, it wasn't as groundbreaking or iconic as Tim Burton's version of Batsuit.


Ugh! This was the movie that ruined the BATMAN movie franchise. Apart from being one of the worst comic-book movies of all time, BATMAN & ROBIN was also heavily criticized for its cheesy and overdone redesign of the new Batsuit worn by George Clooney... with nipples visible!


After the epic failure of BATMAN & ROBIN in 1997, it took the studio (Warner Bros.) eight years to revitalize the BATMAN movie franchise all over again. And thankfully, the result was in the safe hands of Christopher Nolan with the highly-anticipated reboot titled as BATMAN BEGINS. The new Batsuit which worn by Christian Bale, on the other hand, no longer had the hideously campy look seen in BATMAN & ROBIN. Instead, it was replaced with a muted and more traditional black version of Batsuit which suited well with Christopher Nolan's moody filmmaking style.


In THE DARK KNIGHT, Christoper Nolan has done it again with this better-than-expected sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. This time around, the new Batsuit here was upgraded with a battle-armoured finish and the result was simply breathtaking.


The Batsuit design was basically more of the same in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and that's okay because it still looked great to me anyway.

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