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Monday, 16 June 2014

Review: WILLOW CREEK (2013)

Review: WILLOW CREEK (2013)
WILLOW CREEK offers nothing new in the found-footage genre, but Bobcat Goldthwait's effective mix of comedy and horror made this an above-average entry.

Of late, I have grown sick of countless found-footage movies that flooded in the cinemas. So when I first saw the trailer for WILLOW CREEK, I figured it's nothing more than just another BLAIR WITCH PROJECT wannabe. However, I gave it a chance to watch the movie anyway and surprised to find out that WILLOW CREEK isn't as bad as I thought.

The movie follows aspiring documentarians Jim (Bryce Johnson) and his girlfriend Kelly (Alexie Gilmore), as they travel deep into the Northern California wilderness in hope to search the infamous 1967 film site where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin claimed to have captured the footage of a legendary Bigfoot creature. At the beginning of their journey, they passed by a Bigfoot-themed town filled with places like Bigfoot Burger restaurant and Bigfoot Motel. After interviewing a few locals surrounding the Bigfoot legend, they continue their journey into the forests. Despite facing an early warning from an unfriendly backwoods local not to go any further, Jim ignores him and finds another way to enter the forest. Soon things start to get creepy when they are awakened by mysterious sounds while camping during the night.
Prior to WILLOW CREEK, Bobcat Goldthwait (best known for his role as Zed from POLICE ACADEMY series) made his name in the US directing comedies like WORLD'S GREATEST DAD (2009) and GOD BLESS AMERICA (2011). His first foray into found-footage horror is an odd career move, but surprisingly, he knows how to scare people with the appropriate amount of dread and suspense. On the other hand, he doesn't completely abandon his comedy root as he manages to inject a fairly satisfying dose of humour during the first half when Jim and Kelly interviewing some of the locals.

As the only two primary actors in WILLOW CREEK, both Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore manage to pull off decent performances here.

The 19-minute long take inside the tent where Jim and Kelly experiencing a series of mysterious scary sounds. Another memorable moment, of course, is the shocking (and bound-to-be-debatable) revelation towards the finale.

Despite the scant 80 minutes running time, some of the scenes tend to test your patience with its less-than-enthusiastic scenario (especially during a stretch of time when Jim and Kelly hiking around the forest).


While WILLOW CREEK hardly reinvents the found-footage genre and doesn't exactly satisfies the viewers looking for an ultimate Bigfoot movie, this low-budget feature remains a curiously interesting horror picture to check out for.

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