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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review: HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 (2014)

2.5 stars
While there are few worthy laughs, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 is mostly an inane sequel that tries too hard to be funny.

The first HORRIBLE BOSSES in 2011 were surprisingly a huge box office success and it's easy to see why: it had a knockout premise -- three disgruntled workers (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudelkis and Charlie Day) forced to deal with their respective horrible bosses every day and wished they could get rid of them -- where everyone could relate to; great cast and equally competent direction by Seth Gordon. And now three years later, HORRIBLE BOSSES gets an unexpected and frankly, unnecessary sequel that is obviously made because of the original movie's huge popularity. When I first saw the sequel's teaser trailer, it wasn't that funny at all. In fact, it didn't do that much either when the subsequent full trailer was released online. Upon finally watching it in the screening, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 is exactly what I expected at the first place: an inferior sequel that pales in comparison of the original movie.


After the events of the first movie, best friends Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudelkis) and Dale (Charlie Day) have already quit their respective jobs and now venturing into business themselves where they invent a shower appliance known as "Shower Buddy". When a wealthy entrepreneur Bert Hanson (Christoph Waltz) and his son Rex (Chris Pine) agree to invest in their company by helping them manufacture and distribute their product, they figure they are going to make it big in such short notice. However, Bert manages to fool them by cancelling the deal and immediately putting them out of business whereby he can buy their company at a cheap auction price. With no legal action can be done to overturn against Bert and Rex, they decide to go for the desperate measure: kidnape kidnap Rex and demand a US$500,000 ransom. However, the kidnapping plan turns out to be more complicated than they originally thought.

Director Sean Anders (2008's SEX DRIVE and 2012's THAT'S MY BOY), who replaced original director Seth Gordon from the first movie, should be given a credit for not replicating the same old formula that often plagued most comedy sequels nowadays. Instead, he and screenwriter John Morris manages to come up a different approach by devising a kidnapping plot that comes with a twist.

The three returning main cast, particularly Jason Bateman and Jason Sudelkis, deliver gleefully entertaining performances as always. But it was the cameo appearances who deliver the most. Although only appears in a small role this time, Kevin Spacey manages to give his comedic best, especially the way he insults Nick, Kurt and Dale for the lack of courage of doing things. Jennifer Aniston hits the jackpot again with her foul-mouthed nymphomaniac performance as the sex-crazed dentist. Jamie Foxx, who reprises his role as the criminal "adviser" Motherf**ker Jones, is equally engaging as well.

Kevin Spacey is the scene-stealer for this sequel, and he nails his role great during the hilarious scene where Nick, Kurt and Dale visit him in the prison looking for help. 

Despite different-than-the-usual plot device in this sequel, most of the vulgar jokes here are either falling flat or gets so annoying and so loud to the point you figure Sean Anders and John Morris simply throw in whatever sense of humour they can think off into the script, and hopes for the best.

Charlie Day, who actually did great in the first movie, really gets me on my nerve most of the time with his overly, yet out-of-control hysterical performance. Christoph Waltz, who supposed to be an inspiring choice for playing a slimy entrepreneur, fails to impress much with his surprisingly lazy performance. This is kind of frustrating, since Waltz often shines a lot if given the opportunity. But too bad he is so wasted here that makes me think his appearance is more like a stunt casting than anything else matters. Chris Pine, in the meantime, may have looked the part playing a scumbag character, but he doesn't quite pull it off when comes to deliver a worthy comedic role.


While HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 are far from horrible and actually has a couple of LOL moments. I seriously hope this will be the last of it before the franchise might gets too stale if a third HORRIBLE BOSSES movie ever get made.

* This review is written courtesy from Warner Bros Malaysia press screening *

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