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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Review: 12 GOLDEN DUCKS 12金鴨 (2015)

12 GOLDEN DUCKS is haphazard, but reasonably fun and entertaining enough for a lighthearted star-studded comedy.

With over HK$41 million at the box office, GOLDEN CHICKENSSS emerged as the highest-grossing Hong Kong movie during its successful run in cinemas throughout the Chinese New Year period in 2014. Not surprisingly, director Matt Chow and producer-actress Sandra Ng collaborate again in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS -- a latest sex comedy that sees them exploring the "duck" profession (Cantonese slang for "gigolo") instead of "chicken" (meaning "prostitute").


Future Cheung (Sandra Ng, playing a male role) is a popular gigolo who always has his way with women. Then one day, she gets conned by a client and left completely heartbroken. No longer the same respectable gigolo that she used to be, Future has lost confidence and even looking out of shape. However, Future's former teacher Mr. Lo (Anthony Wong) manages to encourage him to make a career comeback by enlisting the help of his old friends, including fitness trainer Rocky (Louis Koo) and hairstylist Kenji (Eason Chan). After a successful makeover, Future joins a gang of new gigolos comprising of Dick (Philip Keung), Broker (Wilfred Lau) and Nebula (Babyjohn Choi) to make a living as male escorts.


After his recent creative failure with co-director Wilson Yip in the big screen version of TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES, I'm glad that director Matt Chow manages to redeem himself in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS. His direction is adequate, and certainly make good use of his cast as well as dozen of celebrity cameos appeared in this movie.
Thanks to the amazing makeup effect as well as realistic-looking prosthetic chest, Sandra Ng manages to pull off her cross-gender role successfully as a gigolo. The supporting actors, particularly on Ivana Wong with her impressive performance as a Thai-speaking madam, while it's nice to see Simon Yam -- who is no stranger playing gigolo roles in his Category III heydays -- playing a colourful role as a strikingly-dressed gigolo, King. Other amusing standouts ranging from Philip Keung, Wilfred Lau, Babyjohn Choi to notable cameos such as Nicholas Tse, Fiona Sit, Michelle Chen, Eason Chan and Carmen Lee are equally worthwhile.


The hilarious pre-credit prologue featuring four middle-aged ex-classmates (Anthony Wong, Louis Koo and among others) during a school reunion party where each of them tell their own stories servicing women for a living; and a parody of Louis Koo and Carmen Lee's iconic roles in TVB's The Return Of The Condor Heroes a.k.a. The Condor Heroes 95.

While the first three GOLDEN CHICKEN movies are blessed with a subtle mix of satirical wits referencing to Hong Kong's pop culture and politics, Matt Chow's screenplay in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS is surprisingly toned down by comparison. Instead, the comedy element favours more into typical and sometimes run-of-the-mill type of slapstick approach.


Not a great entertainment by any means, but at least 12 GOLDEN DUCKS is sufficient and noticeably better than recent Chinese New Year comedies released so far for this year.

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