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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review: THE BREAK-IN (2016)

Mini Review: THE BREAK-IN (2016)

THE BREAK-IN follows a young couple, Jeff Anderson (Justin Doescher) and his pregnant fiancee Melissa Joseph (Maggie Binkley), who live in a townhouse next to their best friends, Steve (Juan Pablo Veiza) and Lisa (Melissa Merry). Following a string of break-ins that have been terrorising their neighbourhood, Jeff and Melissa begins to experience strange occurrences happening around their home every night. Could they be the next victim?

REVIEW: From the groundbreaking BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (2007) and whatnot, found footage genre has already been done to death. In THE BREAK-IN, multihyphenate Justin Doescher -- who stars, writes, edits, produces and directs the micro-budget movie -- clearly taken inspiration from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY as a jumping-off point to mould a home invasion-like thriller minus the typical supernatural horror undertone. Shot with a mix of handheld style on iPhone 6 and security footage using Motorola Droid Mini, Doescher deserves a credit for creating some decent scares and creepy atmosphere. In fact, there is one scene that literally had me jump. Normally, I don't prefer jump scare in a horror movie because I often figured it's a cheap tactic to scare the viewer. But I'll make an exception for that particular scene, which is both effective and well-staged. Acting, in the meantime, is nothing to shout about but still sufficient enough for their roles.

Despite clocking in a compact 72 minutes, THE BREAK-IN tends to drag from time to time with plenty of unnecessary scenes that could have been trimmed shorter or edited out completely. Even though I understand that Doescher is aiming to create a sense of realism here by including a few footage of mundane scenarios, sometimes too much of such scenes can jeopardise the overall momentum of the movie. Then there's the final twist towards the end of the movie. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you here, but let's just say it's a big cop-out.

Justin Doescher's directorial debut is a decent but heavy-handed found footage thriller.

THE BREAK-IN is available now for rent or purchase on Vimeo.

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