Bumblebee (GSC 4DX Experience) Review

First introduced at GSC Paradigm JB in January 2018, the 4DX cinema allows audiences to enjoy an immersive, multi-sensory cinematic experience like no others. Think of it like you are in the part of a movie, where each motion and sound is synchronised and automatically projected to your seat. This includes everything from vibration to environmental effects like water and wind.

The good news is, those who live in the Klang Valley area can finally experience the 4DX cinema at GSC 1 Utama, which already launched this month. And thanks to Golden Screen Cinema, the local media recently get to enjoy what’s it like to experience a movie in the 4DX cinema hall. While I was personally hoping they would screen Aquaman, we got Bumblebee instead. And after experiencing it for the first time, here’s how I felt about watching Bumblebee in GSC 4DX cinema:

Action-packed moments like the opening Cybertron setpiece and the nighttime car chase sequence were mostly subjected to rattling and vibrations transferred to the motion seats. Depending on the scene occurred right in front of the big screen, the seats sometimes tilt or shook from left to right. I admit this multi-sensory experience was fun but only to a certain extent. Maybe it’s just me but I found the novelty factor tends to wear off after a while.

As for the environmental effects, some of the scenes from Bumblebee that involved splashing would cause the water sprinkled from the back of the seats. It can get annoying at times but thankfully, there is a “Water On” and “Water Off” button conveniently located at the right side of every seat.

Other environmental effects like the fog were only occurred near the big screen. It would benefit those who sat closer to the screen but less immersive at the back row. Which makes me wonder: Wouldn’t it be great if the fog effect was released at every row of the seats?

Now, whenever an explosion took place in Bumblebee, I could feel the wind effect blowing from both sides of the 4DX cinema hall. The thing is, it’s kind of strange the wind effect felt freezing cold (at least for me) instead of emitting some heat where it supposed to be.

The seat itself took me a while to get used to it. Every audience in the cinema also required to place their feet on the designated footrests. It may make your legs felt stiff so, a bit of stretching during the non-action moments would be advisable.

The price of watching GSC 4DX movie costs RM34 per ticket. If you haven’t tried watching a movie in the 4DX cinema, at least experience it once in a while. For more info on GSC 4DX cinema, click here.

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